Spider Stitch Washcloth Pattern

Recently I fell hard for the spider stitch.  I could not stop myself from making washcloths.  So I decided to create a super easy washcloth pattern.  (I feel as though there will be many more washcloth patterns to come, so keep your eyes peeled).

If you're not familiar with the spider stitch, I can almost guarantee you will fall in love too!  It really is so easy, works up fast, and it is just so damn pretty!

So let's cut to the chase.  What you will need 

- 8 or 10 ply yarn (I always use Australian yarn, you should too!) 

- Embroidery needle for sewing in ends

- Scissors 

- Size H/5mm crochet hook


Lets make this!

Chain 30

Chain 30. 

1.  In the second chain from the hook, (sc, ch1, sc).  *Skip ch, (sc,ch1,sc) in next ch stitch*,  repeat from * to * across until you're at the beginning chain.  Turn.  Do not ch1.

2-27.  (sc,ch1,sc) in each chain space across.  Turn.  Do not ch 1 at the end of each row.

Weave in ends and she's good to go! 


You can make your washcloth bigger or smaller if you prefer, and you can also single crochet around when you've finished if you would like.  Personally I really like this one without a border! 



Thank you for taking the time to try out my pattern, I would love to see your end product!


Kendelle x